SHAREit download for Windows 8 free

SHAREit is a multifunctional data sharing software with so many smart functions that using Wifi Direct sharing method between multi-platform devices. SHAREit does its role of an indispensable wireless sharing tool on PC that runs Windows 8. SHAREit download for win 8 to enhance new function for your device. It is sharing and receiving files without any wifi cost. SHAREit gives users essential gadgets of a modern, fast and compact sharing tool.

SHAREit download for win 8 free
SHAREit download for win 8 free

sHAREit app strongly shares data without using wire on all platforms.

Most data such as photo, video, movies, text files or apps on your mobile device or on PC are essential to users. Each file is important and you want to share it with other device but do not have cable and Bluetooth can not transfer a large file quickly. SHAREit will help you share media files quickly without using cable, It has an ability to transfer file with large size in a few seconds to a group of up to 5 devices using SHAREit too. Another smart function of SHAREit is the self-creating hotspot for the device, auto-search the device using SHAREit too to receive and send file more quickly. Besides, this app can share data with other wireless devices.

SHAREit download for win 8 free1
SHAREit download for win 8 free1

SHAREit for Windows 8 gathers the following functions

  • Quickly wireless connection
  • Auto search SHAREit
  • Sharing with maximum 5 devices
  • Sharing all file types
  • Supporting multi-platform
  • Freely using without any rising cost
SHAREit download for win 8 free3
SHAREit download for win 8 free2

SHAREit is a simple tool running smoothly on many operating systems and you should install it to your device. SHAREit download for win 8 to help you share more quickly to save time and energy. Be the next user to enjoy the wonderful things from this app.

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