SHAREit app helps you easily connect your phone with the computer

SHAREit is known as a high- speed wireless file sharing software s helps users easily share data from your phone with other phones without requiring the help of the third party. Due to an ultra-fast transfer speed, many Android users put their trust in SHAREit app- a useful and reliable file sharing tool.

Shareit app helps you easily connect your phone to the computer

Fast data sharing between  PC and mobile software with SHAREit app

  • A few notes for the user when connecting the device with computers by using SHAREit application.  
  • Using SHAREit app to connect the mobile phone with PC via Wifi connection
  • Only use a laptop to connect with mobile phones. It requires PC with wifi card to enable Wifi network if the user wants to connect PC with a mobile phone via SHAREit app.
  • Both PC and mobile phone are required to install SHAREit app.

Shareit app helps you easily connect your phone with the computer1

To connect PC with mobile phones, you just need to launch SHAREit application on PC or mobile phone. After that, you need to send the connection request to other devices. Finally, you just need to accept the connect and start sharing any files to other devices as your wish.   

Shareit app helps you easily connect your phone with the computer2

A few prominent features are available  when user connects  the computer to the mobile phone using SHAREit application

  • Support the user with PowerPoint presentation: By using this useful feature,  the users do not need to use a wireless mouse, or Bluetooth attached devices to control the slide or even the users don’t have to sit next to their laptop make their presentations.
  • PC remote access is the second advantage for the user when SHAREit app is connected to the PC. Within the wifi connection range, you just need to open your phone or laptop to launch this application and you are able to view files on laptop immediately on your mobile devices.
  • Easy to project photos onto the laptop’s screen:  After setting up the connection successfully,  the experience of your own photos are projected onto the wider screen ( laptop screen )  is a totally possible thing you can do.  
  • Perform the synchronization of camera folders by just one navigation operation: send and receive files. This operation is completely automatic,  you just need to perform an operation and SHAREit app will immediately synchronize all the folders in your phone camera into the memory of your laptop. It’s the feature that will alleviate the choice as well as reduce the time for sharing.

Shareit app helps you easily connect your phone with the computer3

SHAREit is not merely a hi-speed file sharing application, but also it is available with many useful features when the users connect their mobile phone with other devices which don’t use the same operating like laptops. All supported features are mentioned above have provided the information about the other great features of SHAREit app – It’s not merely used for sending and receiving files, this app also helps the user navigate and sync PC remotely.  


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