SHAREit and xender

SHAREit and Xender are considered 2 best applications that can help you share quickly photos, files, video, file, folders, … even all the contents from the old phone to the new phone in a snap without requiring  USB cable connection and the internet. Two applications currently gain a lot of people trust to use. However, you only need to select one of two application and you can quickly share files that you want. If you hesitate and don’t know would choose SHAREit or Xender then please follow the article below to figure it out the similarities and differences of two applications so that you can make a right decision.  

Shareit and xender

SHAREit and Xender are two best and most used file sharing applications for Android devices 

SHAREit and Xender are 2 leading “candidate” and both apps are also the best way for you to share and transfer all content from your mobile device with other mobiles devices around quickly. No time wasting; no requiring USB cable connection and Bluetooth;  it does not even require you to use the mobile network data network or wifi. Both applications are using modern wireless transmission technology that is provided completely free to users.

Shareit and xender1

The similarities and differences between SHAREit and Xender

Similar points 

  • Transfer and share files, photos, videos, … quickly; no limit in file size
  • Do not use Bluetooth; USB connection cable or internet connection
  • Support cross-platform sharing, even between PC and Mac
  • Safely share at anytime, anywhere; prevent virus issues and other malicious software
  • Sharing support cross-platform between Android and IOS devices, even connected both with the stranger in anywhere
  • Share with other devices in the near distance
  • Both the app are all possessed with extremely friendly interface

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Different points 

  • Fast transferring speed of SHAREit is about 20MB/s and 200 times faster than Bluetooth, whereas, Xender is only 50 faster than Bluetooth.
  • Xender accepts the connectivity with other devices up to 5 at the same time, but  SHAREit can not.
  • The size of the SHAREit is 5.4MB is smaller than the size of Xender (7.4MB)
  • SHAREit allows you to choose avatars and private name for its equipment, whereas  Xender can not.
  • SHAREit requires the device to connect to the same application settings, longer Xender can still share with strangers everywhere.

Shareit and xender5

No matter what your choice is SHAREit or Xender, both apps are your most suitable decision for your device in order to freely share files; photos; videos quickly without having to USB connection cable or Bluetooth. However, we still highly recommend that you should use both apps to clearly experience the features of 2 apps that brought to you!


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