List of the apps that has the same function as SHAREit  

SHAREit download for your mobile phone, it means that you can quickly share files, images, and apps among devices but no need connecting wire. Along with SHAREit the advent and development, series of other apps that has the same sharing function as SHAREit appear and they is as convenient as SHAREit. If you want to try the new sharing app but no using SHAREt, List of the apps that has the same function as SHAREit will provide you with the perfect choices. Let refer the following apps now!

List of the apps that has the same function as SHAREit gives you the quick sharing software

1. Xender

Xender is one of the best transferring and sharing apps for mobile devices, it can transfer all things you want, from document, music, image or video to other apps that are available on your mobile phone. You no need use connecting wire, USB or Bluetooth. Xender can transfer file 50 times faster than Bluetooth so it helps you save maximum the power source and mobile data.

List of the apps that has the same function as SHAREit  

You can not only share among mobile phones but also between mobile phone and tablet, computer, PC or MAC. You don’t have to wait long when you transfer file with big size, Xender supports to share quickly, it takes several seconds to finish your transferring file. Many people have used Xender for sharing file and other contents on your device, let try it now!

2. ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click

ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click is the sharing app that owns the simple interface, allows you share any content on your device such as music, video, image, file with your friends and family through a click. The software allows you share by Bluetooth and wireless transmission technologies that do not need to use the internet or unnecessary mobile data costs.

List of the apps that has the same function as SHAREit  11

There are many sharing forms by the social networks such as Email, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Facebook,… It is easy to backup and manages images, apps, music in storage folder or your memory card. You can share images, videos on your Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks. The software supports to share a lot of files at the same time with the quality and transmission speed is stable. ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click provides searching toolbar to look for file and app on your device in order to finish sharing quickly. The app has attracted more 10 million users. Let try ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click immediately!

3. Bluetooth File Share

Bluetooth File Share is the effective sharing app for you to share image, video, music, documents and apps with your friends and family through Bluetooth. Bluetooth File Share has the simple interface so it is suitable for all kind of users. However, Bluetooth File Share integrates many smart features, high performance and quick sharing and connecting ability. Moreover, the app supports to manage shared files and received files on your mobile device effectively.

List of the apps that has the same function as SHAREit  2

There is the filter that helps you quickly filter image, video, music, document and other files. You can share 5 devices at the same time, share files between mobile phone and computer or other mobile phones quickly. The software also supports to share files quickly through social networks Gmail, Facebook, Google Drive,…  Therefore, you don’t hesitate to experience Bluetooth File Share, you will be conquered in the first time.

List of the apps that has the same function as SHAREit that we provide above are the perfect sharing file apps. There are many attractive apps waiting for you, let discover them. Let try the apps that we shared with you above to share every file, image, video, and everything quickly. You no need use connecting wire but we are sure that you are still satisfied after using them.

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