List of high-speed sharing apps that substitutes SHAREit

SHAREit apk download for android that is considered as the top most used sharing app. It allows users connect and share file, image, video and other content on your device quickly. Along with SHAREit, there are many apps for you to replace for SHAREit when you can’t install the software. Therefore let refer List of high-speed sharing apps that substitutes SHAREit in the following post to select the sharing app quickly then complete your work efficiently!

List of high-speed sharing apps that substitutes SHAREit, sharing quickly and easily

1. CM Transfer – Share files

CM Transfer – Share files is an optimal effective measure for mobile phones to transfer all app to any phone devices in the world. According to user’s review, the app is very good because it has compact design, simple interface and it runs smoothly on almost android mobile devices.

List of high-speed sharing apps that substitutes shareit

This makes sharing process among devices become more simple than before. With fast speed about 5MB – 10MB/second, it is 160 times faster than Bluetooth’s speed, you can share unlimited files with big size, image, video, music, app and other files anywhere anytime you want. The app supports multi-languages in many different countries.You are completely comfortable because the app is very saved and reliable for android devices. Let take part in CM Transfer – Share files to enjoy surprising efficiency.

2. Share Link

Share Link has many kinds of different sharing file, it supports to transfer almost file formats, audio, multimedia applications, games and other contents on your device. You can feel the fast speed of Share Link both in receiving files and sending files even when you are not connected to the internet. Images, videos, music, apps and document files will be sent or received in several seconds.

List of high-speed sharing apps that substitutes shareit1

Moreover,  Share Link doesn’t accept to left behind SHAREit in connecting and sharing with PC devices. The app is installed on all android devices and it runs quickly, smoothly even on low configuration devices. Through Share Link, you can share quicker and conveniently with connecting WiFi so you can save maximum mobile data costs. Don’t miss the perfect sharing file app, you will regret because you can’t know it sooner.

3. Easy File Transfer & Share

Easy File Transfer & Share is your mobile phone’s partner to transfer important data quickly and easily. The sharing app allows you transmit high-quality videos, audios, images and much faster. With the app, you can transfer data but no need connecting wire, USB, cable, even mobile data. You also can transmit unlimited files on your device in several seconds or share many files, images, videos at the same time.

List of high-speed sharing apps that substitutes shareit2

It is much quicker and safer than sharing by traditional connections in the past. If you are used to send and receive files with a device you no need search and set connecting again in the next times. Easy File Transfer & Share will automatically send and receive all thing quickly so you can ignore complicated steps and save time.There are many great functions of Easy File Transfer & Share waiting for you so let download this app to share data quicker and more conveniently.

We hope that this post – List of high-speed sharing apps that substitutes SHAREit that is introduced above, can help you look for the perfect app for your mobile device. Let choose the most suitable app to be able to share files, apps, videos, images… everywhere, every time!

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