Guiding to use Shareit for android

Shareit is a super fast file sharing tool provided freely for android device. This modern software uses the best wireless transmission technology that allows you to connect and share file, image, video, … quickly with unlimited size among devices without using connecting cable. To use it in the most efficient way and know all wonderful functions of Shareit. Let refer to the guiding article to use Shareit for android as follow.

Guiding to use Shareit for android

Guiding to use effectively Shareit –  the fastest file sharing software in the world for android

Shareit is a smart sharing tool for sharing file, photo between mobile device without using cables. This is the most likely candidate for you to quickly transmit all contents on your mobile device to another with a super fast transmission speed of up to 20M/sec, 200 times faster than Bluetooth. It can enhance the devices’ performance, protect devices from virus and spyware, and supports to share many file with many device running different platforms such as android, IOS, windows, PC and even MAC.

Guiding to use Shareit for android1
Guiding to use Shareit for android – Shareit download apk free

Steps to use Shareit, a super fast sharing software that has the most users.

It is so simple to use Shareit on android device, if you are a sender, you need to do the following steps:

Step 1:  Just click on Shareit icon and wait for starting

Step 2: Choose file, photo, that you want to send to your friends

Step 3: Choose send – You device will auto detect the surrounding devices that you need to connect, touch on the icon of this device, you have connected

Step 4: Touch on Send button

Guiding to use Shareit for android2

After 4 simple Steps, you can send your file to other devices quickly.  Similarly, the receiver need to do the following steps

Step 1: Start Shareit

Step 2:  Choose Receive

Step 3: Choose accept to receive and save file to the folder you want

Guiding to use Shareit for android5

With such simple actions, you have completed all steps of sending and receiving files. It is so simple, right? Shareit also saves the history of file that you sent, sending images and the receiving devices or groups. Is that amazing?.

So, We just introduce you the basic steps for sharing files quickly between your device and other without using cable. This article is not so perfect but I hope this Guiding to use Shareit for android will be helpful to you.

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