6 basic steps for using SHAREit app

SHAREit – high-speed data sharing with no internet connection required application is being used by about 200 million users from the worldwide, which have shown the influence of SHAREit app when many users put their trust in using this app. It’s great that the simplicity and convenience in the operation of SHAREit app which is easily and quickly transfer files without needing the assistance of any complex supporting tools.

6 basic steps for using Shareit app
6 basic steps for using SHAREit app – SHAREit download apk

ShareIt worked as a sharing bridge; send and receive the necessary data with many other devices without needing complex connections.

Many images, video files, music files, documents, contacts and all your favorite applications can also be shared quickly by group sharing up to 5 different devices in a group. So if you want to experience this application,  do you have any idea to use SHAREit? There is the detailed manual instruction which is guided steps by steps in order for you to use this file sharing application easily.  

6 basic steps for using Shareit app1
6 basic steps for using SHAREit app – SHAREit download android

6 simple following steps for user to use SHAREit app easily

Step 1: Download and install the application on android devices

Step 2: Find and launch SHAREit application on your phone.

Step 3: Agree with the term of use of SHAREit app

Step 4: complete the device’s profile name; select the image and then save

Step 5: Perform file sending and receiving operations as well as experience other features on the main interface of SHAREit app.

  • File sending operation is continued by choosing file need to be sent, click on the file to select it then select the recipients and click on their profile photos to send.
  • File receiving operations:  Click on “ receive” button and your phone will automatically create a mobile Wifi hotspot. Please wait until the sender finds your device and they will send the files to yours.
6 basic steps for using Shareit app3
6 basic steps for using SHAREit app – SHAREit download apk2

Step 6: click “Finish” and complete file sending and receiving operations.

We hope that with 6 manual instruction steps are mentioned above could help the user image the operation of high-speed file sharing application – SHAREit app. Download SHAREit for your mobile device to own a powerful wireless file sharing application and get the opportunity to share data in anytime you want!

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