3 fast sharing apps as SHAREit

SHAREit download for mobile phone, it is unfamiliar to users because it is regarded as a wireless high-speed sharing file application between mobile and other devices. However, we won’t talk much about the perfect sharing software we would like to introduce to you other sharing measures that are as good as SHAREit. We would like to concentrate on 3 fast sharing apps as Share it. We hope that this post is useful for you and gives you have more choices in experience high-speed sharing file, app, image app on Android devices.

3 fast sharing apps as SHAREit, gives you more sharing app choices with super-fast speed

1. Share Apps and Files

Share Apps and Files is the compact software with 3.4M, it runs smoothly on almost android mobile devices. It allows you share apps, files, music, images, videos or other files with your friends by some manipulations. You can share or backup a lot of apps or files at the same time but no limit in capacity. You also can share many files, apps, images with other links at the same time. Sharing files, apps doesn’t depend on the format of audio, image, video or file. It supports to search file and app quickly and easily to share and manage quickly. Share Apps and Files provide full of information of file and app clearly. Moreover, the software also supports to play audios, videos, images directly on your device.

 3 fast sharing apps as SHAREit

2. 4shared

4shared is a mobile free necessary multi-function app for android device. It supports to access, manage and share your files with other people. When you use 4shared, you will be set 1 account on 4shared.com, including all documents, images, music,…This page directly updates content on your Android device. It can contain 30.000.000 files, whenever you want, you can play, watch and share them with everyone by some simple manipulation.

 3 fast sharing apps as SHAREit1

The app supports fast convenient searching tool for you to find files on your huge 4shared data store, easy to create a filter that helps you quickly look for file basing on time, size and type in the best way. Moreover, 4shared also supports to copy, move, change names, delete and update or download any file from your account on 4shared.com. With any mobile device or tablet, you only need sign in with your password. We are sure that 4shared multi-function software will conquer you in the first time. Don’t miss a chance to own the free app!

3. Share files

Share files are the most effective, quickest and simplest way to transfer files such as image, video, music to all friends or other devices. Now, you only need use Share files and select file that you want to share then click “share”, it takes several seconds, you can finish sharing process. Moreover, Share files support to connect and share important files by Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Gmail, Bluetooth, Share Box or any other ways or apps. Share files are designed with very small size, only 1.0MB so it occupies less memory’s storage folder. It runs smoothly, quickly and effectively on almost android devices, with visuals and simple interface, you will love Share files at the first time.

 3 fast sharing apps as SHAREit3

Nowadays, there are many wireless fast-speed sharing apps, however, it doesn’t mean that any apps are reliable and effective. If SHAREit is not your choice, you should refer 3 fast sharing apps as Share it above. These are the best app that is selected carefully. You will be satisfied and have perfect experiences!

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