shareit free download for mobile is a sharing tool that using the best wireless technology in the world. It allows you to connect and share filem photo, video quickly among devices without using cable.

ShareIT Download apk free

Shareit download to share file between device quickly without using cable

Shareit free download for android is a smart app for you to transfer, share video, photo, fiel and everything from a mobile device to tablet, laptop and other mobile phones quickly without using cable, USB, bluetooth to save time and avoid virus. Shareit free for android has a super fast transmissing speed, about 20M/sec, 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Sharing many files and connecting to many devices at the same time in a second.

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Shareit free download for your to share freely with other devices. Because shareit supports to connect multi-device, multi-platform such as android, IOS, PC, Mac,… without file size limit. You can share anytime and anywhere with fast transmissing speed without worry about battery or mobile data consuming.

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Functions of Shareit free download

  • Transfering and backing up all photos, video, and so on with high speed
  • Without using cable, USB or Bluetooth
  • Supporting multi-device, multi-platform
  • The highest speed is up to 20M/sec, 200 times faster than bluetooth
  • Sharing many files with many devices at the same time
  • Auto choosing avatar and name of the connecting device
  • Auto detecting anf connect with devices around

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When using Shareit free for android you will find it an indispensable app for your and your device. Let download Shareit free for mobile now to be able to connect and share in a faster, safer and more convenient way anytime and anywhere.